With 38% more security incidents being detected in 2015 than in 2014, it should come as no surprise that enterprises are investing more and more in security.

With the recent proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, a mobile strategy is critical for every business. A recent survey from Informa revealed that 62% of Fortune 500 companies are using mobile communications with customers and employees to increase productivity, speed and responsiveness.

Mobile has transformed the retail industry by becoming an integral part of the purchase journey, enabling consumers to research products, view offers, and compare items. However, retailers need to think beyond just using mobile to market to consumers.

Mark Hay, CEO/CTO of HSL Mobile, discusses why retailers need to consider mobile messaging at the heart of their internal and external communications strategies

We have seen an explosion of enterprise communication and messaging applications. People are used to more communication platforms on their personal devices, and are expecting a similar range of tools to be available to them in the workplace.

With big retailers such as Blockbusters and HMV going belly up and attributing this on people buying online instead, it is of no surprise that retail stores are concerned this Christmas, particularly as these sales can make up to 40% of retailers' overall annual revenue.

Across the UK people continue to struggle to pay energy bills and stay warm this Christmas as energy prices keep on rising.

Mobile technology in retail is no longer new as people continue to embrace the technology to make shopping that little bit easier as they recognise the convenience and benefits of mobile. No longer are shoppers restricted by stores' opening times, or where they are at that moment in time, you can shop 24/7 from wherever you are (well, as long as you have an internet connection and a mobile device)!

'Showrooming' is a well known term amongst retailers and is causing some genuine concern for brick and mortar retailers that revenues will be hit as a result of customers being able to access online sites from mobile devices. As traditional brick and mortar stores continue to compete with online sites this Christmas, they now have additional concerns as customers go online and compare prices whilst in their shop!

It may seem a little early to be speaking about Christmas but for retailers, the festive period is a crucial time to increase sales and attract customers with many UK shoppers beginning their Christmas shopping already and for a happy few, the mammoth Christmas list has been completed and they can put their feet up.