Mobile Communications

We understand the crucial role that effective communication plays within successful enterprises. That's why our mobile communication services offer security, availability, support and reporting for all industry sectors.

Communication needs to take place with and between staff, and externally with prospective customers, existing customers, suppliers and partners. It even extends to communication between computer systems within an organisation and with computer systems outside of the organisation.

In all enterprises there is a degree of dependency on mobility as individuals are mobile by nature, having the ability to move around. For this reason it is important that enterprises are able to communicate with relevant parties, anywhere it is appropriate or necessary. Using mobile communications to reach these relevant parties can make the enterprise more effective and efficient through increased accessibility and responsiveness.

Enterprise Solution is our innovative service which is built on customer requirements and uses either services from our existing portfolio and/or services specifically built for your needs. Our capability spans simple SMS services through to sophisticated multi-platform, multimodal communication services comprising voice, SMS and instant messaging.

How can mobile communication make a real difference to enterprises?

Mobile allows information to not only be sent instantly, but for appropriate actions to be taken more quickly. Text messages are typically read by 97% of mobile subscribers within 15 minutes of receiving the message giving enterprises peace of mind that their messages have been received.

  • IT alerts via SMS can notify relevant staff instantly, minimising downtime.
  • Staff can communicate securely via IM, reducing costly security breaches.
  • Responses can be made quickly to customer requests wherever staff are.
  • Boost staff performance by alerting them of office closures by SMS and then organise alternative working arrangements.
  • Reduce missed customer appointments by sending reminders by SMS.
  • SMS messaging reduces failed delivery attempts and improves customer service.

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