Banking and Finance

Quick, convenient and secure, our mobile messaging services for banks and finance companies provide an ideal channel for two-way communication with customers.

Why should banks and finance companies go mobile?

Mobile makes it even easier for customers to communicate and transact with their bank or finance company and this is not going unnoticed by customers. Customer demand for mobile banking services is growing and more banks are developing mobile banking as they recognise the benefits it can bring.


  • Instant communication
  • Convenient and speedy channel
  • Improved security measures
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Deepen customer relationships
  • Attract new customers
  • Differentiate against other banks and finance companies
  • Cut operational costs

So how is mobile helping banks and finance companies achieve these benefits?

Mobile Alerts for Financial Management

Sending mobile financial communications to customers not only helps them manage their finances better, it helps you create better relationships with your valuable customers. For example, send an SMS alert when customer funds are low or when a direct debit is due to come off. These types of mobile financial alerts help your customers manage their money and in return makes them feel valued, increasing the likelihood that they will continue to stay with you.

Secure SMS Banking

Our communication services can be used to send sensitive mobile banking information such as transaction and fraud message alerts directly to your customer's mobile, ensuring privacy and safety standards are met. By sending proactive mobile banking alerts, customers are kept informed and can deal with any issues on the spot, helping increase the control and security of their personal information.

Our customers can also use us for everything from password delivery and authentication for mobile banking security, to product and service promotions, to enhance their mobile banking service. Banking alerts notify customers in an instant with any important information concerning their accounts and personal details.

Mobile banking applications

Mobile banking applications (apps) can help you strengthen customer engagement and develop longer term relationships. There are already many apps in the market which centre around mortgages and housing but developing innovative apps can provide even more value as it allows you to stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

SMS trade alerts

SMS alerts update investors in real time. This is crucial considering how fast paced this environment is, as share prices can move quickly and unexpectedly. In order to capitilise promptly and minimise losses, companies need to be able to communicate with investors immediately. SMS trade alerts can also help provide proof of trades ensuring investors always know what trades have been made and any changes affecting their finances.

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