HSL's EmailSMS solution enables businesses to send and receive text messages through existing email software. No hassle, very fast and seamless integration.

Computer keyboard with SMS buttonHow easy is EmailSMS to use?

HSL's EmailSMS solution was developed to make it possible to send and receive SMS via any email account using a laptop or PC. It requires very little technical knowledge, making it extremely easy to implement and use, even for non-technical people.

To use EmailSMS, you simply send an email in the usual way. Our systems will then recognise and convert the email into a text message and deliver it to the destination mobile phone as an SMS text message. Any replies or incoming texts will be received into your email Inbox. Simple.

Benefits of EmailSMS

  • Send SMS from authorised email accounts.
  • Messages typically delivered in less than 10 seconds.
  • Customers or staff can send/reply to a text message at any time convenient to them.
  • Can access from office or remotely.
  • Know your message got through using SMS delivery receipts.
  • Peace of mind with usage reporting and quotas.
  • International languages supported.
  • Easy to use.

Learn how this solution has added value to businesses around the globe by reading our case studies.

How can EmailSMS add value to my organisation

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