HSL Mobile IM/SMS is a messaging service that combines instant messaging (IM) with SMS to give enterprises the most secure and far reaching messaging application for effective team communication. 

Instant messaging offers great benefits to enterprises as staff can communicate instantly with one another allowing them to converse freely. This provides an ideal channel for successful team communications which creates tangible benefits such as efficiencies and improved processes.

By combining instant messaging with SMS ensures that messaging within the enterprise is more reliable than using either medium individually. Messages can always be sent and always notified to recipients. This is even when there is poor Internet connectivity or none at all, or when the IM/SMS mobile application is not being used.

Messages exchanged through this service are safeguarded against costly security breaches through strong end-to-end encryption. For regulatory compliance or monitoring, long-term archiving of messages is available to enable enterprises to provide evidence of internal communications.

This messaging system spans desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices offering a variety of ways for team members to connect. This exceptionally robust and secure messaging service has been engineered so it can be depended on not only for regular chat between team members but also for critical business processes, excelling in terms of security, responsiveness, availability and reliability for enterprises.

IM/SMS benefits

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve time management
  • Improve team coordination

IM/SMS features

  • Always accessible - built for real life situations, inside and outside of the office.
  • Highly reliable - messages reach recipients.
  • Secure - end-to-end strong encryption.
  • Integration - corporate directory support to simplify deployment and maintenance.
  • Monitoring - reporting and long term archiving of messages.
  • Economical - cost-effective communications.

Next Steps

If your enterprise needs a secure messaging service that is truly mobile then get in contact to discuss with us now.