Online SMS

HSL's online SMS solution has been specially designed to make the receiving and sending of text messages (SMS) as simple and as easy as possible for businesses using an Internet connection.

WebSMS v3

Benefits of receiving and sending SMS online

  • Dedicated online login page and service site.
  • Secure login to SMS web portal.
  • Requires no technical preparation or experience.
  • Distribution lists and files containing mobile numbers can be uploaded.
  • Quickly find stored contact details from the portal’s Phonebook or Distribution List.
  • Set preferred time zone.
  • Create, store and name message content templates.
  • Send an SMS to a single mobile phone, a distribution list or to a combination of contacts.
  • Messages received, either as replies or new messages, can be viewed.
  • Status of sent messages can be viewed.
  • Message content can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for client's reference.
  • UCS2 (for example, Arabic and Chinese) supported.

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