Mobile technology is already transforming the retail industry. With the rise of mobile commerce, shoppers are beginning to use mobile devices for researching to buying online.

Smartphone surrounded by shopping bags Showrooming

The rise of showrooming is creating difficulties for retailers as customers go online and check for the lowest prices whilst in a retail store. It is therefore critical that retailers do not ignore the online channel and cater for mobile devices - this means developing a mobile friendly website and even an app in some cases. By checking prices of other retail stores - offline and online - and matching appropriately will help ensure you don't lose valuable customers. It is important to also remember that convenience - being right in front of the product and being able to buy it there and then - as well as loyalty to your store can help sway the shopper, even if your prices are slightly above online prices as long as there is not a huge difference.

Multi-Channel Communications

Retailers need to also pay attention to the surge in m-commerce by ensuring that they have mobile friendly websites making the online purchase process as simple and convenient for shoppers as possible. Multi-channel communications are key for online shoppers as it allows them to shop online, receive updates regarding their purchase via email, SMS and even check on delivery options, thus allowing shopping to sync perfectly into shoppers' daily busy lives. 

Mobile CRM 

Mobile CRM solutions are an effective way to communicate with customers instantly. Our custom services enable tailored information alerts to be sent instantly to your customer group regardless of size. We can help you promote special retail offers, mobile vouchers or broadcast an event. We can help you develop a bespoke offering which no-one else in the industry has developed yet. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of mobile SMS messaging makes it the ideal medium to use within mobile marketing campaigns for reinforcing brand awareness and loyalty, building market share and gaining that vital competitive edge.

Retail SMS Marketing

Customers can easily benefit from the sheer versatility and adaptability of our mobile SMS messaging services, whether you are a restaurant receiving booking requests via SMS so you can confirm reservations immediately by return text before the customer starts looking elsewhere or a local car garage who want to send service and MOT reminders to customers by SMS.

As a chain store or retail outlet, mass SMS message distribution makes it easy to reach all, or a specific segment of, your customers at once whether it's hot news of special sales promotions, sending out SMS stock alerts, or information regarding in-store events or the arrival of new ranges.

At HSL Mobile, we have developed our own retail mobile solutions to enable you to connect to our system’s easily either by sending SMS online through a web browser or through any email program.

Do you wish to introduce an innovative bespoke solution for your customers? Get in touch.