Environment SMS weather alerts can minimise business disruption by improving productivity and enhancing efficiency.

Company Weather Alerts

Traffic lights at green covered in heavy snowUnpredictable and changeable weather is fast becoming a recurring issue for many companies. Zurich Insurance revealed that 64% of UK businesses suffered disruption as a direct result of severe weather.

Every year we see travel chaos with flights cancelled, trains delayed and parts of motorways completely closed off making it more difficult for staff to get into work. Even worse, travel conditions are dangerous and employers must ensure they protect their staff by law. Therefore, they are left in a shaky position of having to decide whether or not to close the office.

For businesses needing to inform their entire workforce in a short space of time whether or not the office is open or closed, it can be a very stressful time. Trying to phone everyone is an endless task and you may not be able to reach everyone in time. A much easier and more effective communication tool to use is SMS messaging.

All you need to do is send one SMS to all selected contacts, and you can rest assured that everyone has not only received the message, but they are highly likely to have read the message within a matter of minutes.

School Weather Alerts

Schools need to not only notify staff about any impending school closures, they also need to notify all the parents of students. It is crucial that parents are informed quickly as they may need to arrange for alternative childcare to be put in place and can mean a parent will have to be absent from work.

Schools are also under pressure to protect all children. This means that they need to ensure that travel to school is not dangerous as this can have severe consequences for them if travel is deemed dangerous and the school remains open.

To ensure all staff and parents are informed instantly, SMS notifications are an extremely effective way to inform all parties quickly and accurately that schools are to remain open or close.

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