Mobile event communications to keep attendees and relevant parties informed. Communicate information at the touch of a button!

Events written on computer keySMS Scheduling

Planning and organising are key when it comes to event success. This can be rather difficult to achieve though when you have to juggle different groups of people such as sponsors, exhibiting companies, speakers, attendees, catering companies and so on.

Event SMS alerts can be used for virtually every part of the event planning process. From confirming the booking by SMS to sending event updates, these alerts provide a convenient and fast way of communicating information to all relevant parties to ensure every event you plan and organise runs smoothly and is a resounding success.

Critical Event SMS Alerts

Unfortunately, like any good plan, not everything can go to plan. What can organisers do when last minute changes are made to the time or venue? How can they notify all attendees instantaneously about changes that will affect them attending the event? At HSL Mobile, we provide time critical solutions to allow businesses to alert a group of people at once with critical information. For event companies, this means they can notify all attendees by the click of a button regarding any last minute changes and with over 90% of all text messages being read in a matter of seconds, they can rest assured that attendees will receive the information. Panic over!


Mobile ticketing is becoming more common in many industries as it makes the purchasing process as simple as possible. Customers can buy a ticket online and store the information on their phone. This makes it more difficult to lose and allows customers to store the information safely and keep it on them at all times - as let's be honest, what's the likelihood of customers NOT having their mobile phone on them?

Live Event SMS Notifications

At corporate events, SMS notifications can be used to direct attendees to a particular stand, send exhibition updates by SMS or notify them when the next speaker is due to begin. At public events such as festivals, charity races and national sporting events, SMS alerts can be used to send SMS to volunteers, let people know when their favourite bands are on next or when the next race is due to begin.

At HSL Mobile we will work closely with you to help you improve the customer experience to ensure your special event is a great success not just this time around, but in the future as well. Please visit our Solution Planner for more ideas on how our solutions can help you.

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