Mobile communications really is the most practical way to communicate with patients and particularly those who may have profound hearing problems. In some hospitals, specialist SMS solutions are being used to allow patients to contact family and friends without the risk of the technology affecting the performance of other hospital equipment.

Stethoscope on medical papersmHealth initiatives continue to grow rapidly with healthcare apps flooding the market from tracking workout apps to monitoring diabetes apps. However, it's vital that these developments are of a high quality and patient centric.

Hospitals, clinics and local GP practices are increasingly relying on the speed and efficiency of SMS to convey important information to their patients – perhaps to remind them of an appointment or to take their medication.  It could also be to send out personally tailored SMS messages of encouragement and support to smokers trying to quit or dieters needing a little boost of morale.  And there can certainly be no better way to contact doctors on call or standby duty.

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