Experts in our field

At HSL Mobile we focus on providing mobile services using the most technically capable and resilient delivery infrastructure in the world.

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Our advantage over competitors stems from our company focus on providing the very best quality service that can be depended on by our valued clients. We also use the most reliable method for SMS delivery – SS7. To further ensure reliability is delivered, we use a large number of highly reliable SMSC platforms from established and reputable mobile operators in addition to our very own SS7 SMSCs.

Our SMSCs compliment SMSC connections with established mobile operators and provide exciting service opportunities for HSL and their clients. As with all core messaging software systems operated by HSL, the SMSCs are the result of internal development by HSL's software engineering team. The currently deployed SMSCs located on HSL's SS7 network are connected to mobile networks in the UK and other networks worldwide via the global SS7 network.

Our SMSCs contain integrated HLR (Home Location Register) and MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) capability and have a high degree of functionality for inbound and outbound (MO/MT) SMS. SMSC platforms communicate directly with the SS7 network to provide low latency, highly reliable channels for SMS delivery.

Other key elements of our infrastructure include our own SS7 STPs (Signalling Transfer Points), multiple data centre sites (four of which are located in the UK) and high availability links between sites, SMSCs and mobile networks. This infrastructure provides clients with a wide coverage of over 830 mobile networks worldwide.

Data Centres

Our services are provided using our own server infrastructure located at geographically separate and independent sites located in Europe. Two of these points of presence (POPs) allow clients to access our network infrastructure. The infrastructure is designed to ensure service availability even if a whole site should fail.

Safe with HSL

Clients can rest assured with HSL. We have been operating in the market for over a decade, have exceptional technical knowledge and have been enhancing our reliable and resilient infrastructure since the very beginnings of the company. We are committed to developing solutions for the future to help enterprises of today compete successfully in their marketplace.