Time Critical

HSL Mobile provides clients with an effective alert system that is perfect for crucial or emergency communications that are time critical.

World with emergency alert buttonWhen your enterprise needs to quickly and reliably send time critical alerts across departments, the enterprise or to customers, suppliers and partners, it is paramount to ensure that the right people can immediately be notified.  It is often the case that the sooner the right people are made aware of a situation, the sooner unnecessary costs and inconvenience can be avoided, disaster averted, the opportunity achieved or people saved.

The solution to this is clear: integrate an effective alerting service with your enterprise's systems to allow your staff to send and receive time critical alerts on their mobiles, virtually wherever they may be. Our highly resilient and reliable systems enable this to happen.

Just a few time critical scenarios our services are ideal for:

  • Sending IT alerts to reach engineers to indicate system errors or issues requiring immediate attention.
  • Notifying customers and employees of unexpected events (e.g. office closures or service issues).
  • Reinforcing and reminding an audience of communications already received through another channel such as email.
  • Notifying customers of limited promotions and events.
  • Alerting team members on call (e.g. search and rescue) to an emergency situation.
  • Updating field sales teams of critical pricing fluctuations, sales results or product availability issues.
  • Communicating fast paced changes in the market to investors to minimise losses or maximise gains.

Next Steps

AlertBroadcast, EmailSMS, WebSMS and our APIs are services that may be of interest to you.

If you need a reliable service for your enterprise's time critical alerts to mobiles then please get in contact and we will happily discuss your requirements.