Our utility sector clients can also use SMS for communicating with customers and alert them to when an engineer is due to arrive, as well as communicating parts and status updates with employees. Additionally, our clients can alert engineers in the field of any issues or potential problems which is another crucial use for SMS messaging, increasing service efficiency and dramatically cutting response times.

Light bulb with house roof and chimney on topSMS provides multiple opportunities for utility companies, including using machine-to-machine (M2M) communications to collect telemetry data from a remote site that would otherwise need to be visited each time data is required.  This simplifies the process as companies can install the technology at a remote site and then simply evaluate the information as and when it arrives. Water and electricity meters can be remotely monitored and any data collected from the meters would then be automatically relayed back to the utility company by SMS.

So whether you want to deliver accurate, time-sensitive actionable information e.g. promotion alerts, coupons, engineer or parts arrival notifications, billing reminders or order confirmations with target precision or bring immediacy and two-way interactivity to every communication you send or strengthen customer relationships. We can help.

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